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Caring About Our Community 

Those Little Jobs
TLJ will do the important little jobs you need completed but haven’t got time to do.
Those Little Jobs: Fix-It
You know that old fan in your garage – the one you’ve been meaning to get fixed since 2005 but might just throw and buy a new one? Well, good news! Chris, Jeff, and Jeremy from Those Little Jobs Fix-It would love to help you get that fan spinning again. 

The Fix-It team works with their vocational trainer, who is not only an exceptional educator but also has a background in aircraft engineering. They repair electronic, digital and mechanical devices. Some of the items they have already saved from landfill are: a musical keyboard, an alarm clock, a car CD player, a camera, a stereo, and a heater along with various speakers, fans, computers and computer keyboards. 

Chris is new to the program and was specifically chosen to join the team full-time due to his love of electronics. Jeff, who is usually very quiet, speaks with passion and confidence when asked about his ability to make the motors crank, the keyboards play and the toasters pop again. Jeremy has many other projects on the go, including guitar lessons and being the number one casual staff at The Muffin Café, but really enjoys his one day a week with the crew. 

So go and get that old fan and bring it down to Those Little Jobs Fit-It at The Summit 1095 Churchill crescent and either donate it or pay a nominal fee to have it brought back to life. 

Those Little Jobs: Snack Shop
Healthy fruit and veggies, trail mix, brownies and cookies are just some of the snacks prepared and delivered to local businesses by TLJ. 

  • flyer delivery
  • gardening
  • cleaning
  • grocery shopping 
  • collecting mail
  • home watch
  • any many more...